Role of CBD in protecting health against viruses

As soon as you read the heading, you might wonder what CBD is all about. In this article, you will find all the necessary and accurate information, which you can’t get from elsewhere. First things first, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a nutraceutical product. It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s sold in the form of CBD oil, CBD flower, and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation.

CBD is gaining a lot of popularity in the US market, and at international level, which is why there is plenty of information available on it, but not necessarily understandable. It is a chemical compound, which is found in the flowers that grow on a cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is also known as the hemp, and it is one of the first plants that have spun into a fiber and transitioned to derive products. When you read history, you will get to learn more about hemp fiber, oil and seeds.

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Reasons Behind the Popularity of CBD

So the main question is, why CBD is popular? In 2018, a law proposed that hemp should be categorized as an ordinary agricultural commodity. The hemp sold in the U.S. industry holds about 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The market is expanding, because the product is widely available, as it has become legal. More and more people are curious about its impact on them.

This is used for recreational and medical purposes and is considered a legal commodity at the state level. When Brightfield Group conducted its research regarding the legal CBD and its cannabis industry, they found out that the market will grow by 700% in 2019. The growth is because many large retailers have also entered the market, and the product is now readily available to consumers. Bethany Gomez is the managing director of the research firm, and she estimated a $23.7 billion growth by 2025, and this is a good product for the growth of the industry.

Why is CBD healthy for the human body?

There are multiple health benefits of CBD for the human body, and they are discussed below:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

When inflammation occurs in the human body, then it gives signs of a possible infection. The body isolates the area that is infected so that it can act as a hindrance to harmful toxins. CBD has the ability to reduce the inflammatory response of the immune system.

However, a person’s immune response might be abnormal, causing the inflammation to occur again. This inflammation is known as an autoimmune disease, and the reasons for this disease are not known yet.

Suppression of Cytokines

Cytokine, for those who don’t know, is a protein. It is generally known as immunoregulatory proteins, and this is what the cells in our body secrete, without our knowledge. The main advantage of these proteins is that they regulate the production of white cell production. They also regulate:

  • Inflammation
  • Immunity ( as they send signals to molecules)

Helps suppress T-cell function and production

CBD can help stop T-cell function because it works as an immunosuppressant. The body loses the ability to destroy antigens, and losing this ability means not being able to fight infections. CBD helps in suppressing foreign invaders, which attack the immune system.

Apoptosis Simulation

This is like a garbage collection process, called cellular suicide. It is also called programmed cell death and occurs in adults, where they lose about 50-70 billion cells in a day. As for a child, he would lose 20-30 billion cells in a day.

Autoimmune Disease Management and Modulating Therapies

CBD helps with Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS, and Crohn’s Disease, among many others. It also serves as a regulating system, which brings balance to both an overreacting and under-reacting immune system.

CBD: How does it improve health?

CBD helps protect people from viruses, which can replicate and live inside a host like:

  • Human beings
  • Microorganisms
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Single-cell organisms
  • Bacteria
  • Achaea

When a person is infected with a virus, the host cell starts producing. This is how Covid-19 works and is affecting people all over the world. The main question here is the role that CBD can play in eliminating Covid-19. However, there isn’t much information about the CBD’s impact on it; even if it is said that CBD can kill the virus, it is not backed by any research.

Different Forms of CBD

The different forms of the CBD, in which it can be consumed, are as follows:

  • Oils and tinctures-place the dropper under the tongue
  • CBD eye drops-an alternative for those who suffer from eye pain, migraines, blurred vision or strain on the eyes
  • Food items-gummy bears, chocolates, roasted nuts, smoothies, protein powder and granola
  • Medication-can be taken in the form of pills can capsules; similar to vitamins
  • Tropical-used for localized pain, includes oils, lotions and creams; is applied on nails and specific skin areas
  • Vapes and patches-Uses the same way as nicotine patches

Side effects of CBD

The side effects of CBD are as follows:

  • Feeling drowsy
  • Lightheadedness
  • Parched mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • The risk for women before and after pregnancy
  • Poor quality control-there are no regulatory standards set for CBD testing, production and product labelling
  • The information about side effects is limited
  • Most people don’t consult their doctor before trying CBD, because it is readily available
  • Might not be for those who are already using prescribed medicines


It can’t be said that CBD is a cure for Covid-19. However, considering its benefits, if more research is done on the connection of both elements, then it could prove to be the next best alternative. It is perfect for managing autoimmune diseases and works similarly to THC.

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