Tropical Smoothie Vape Juice enhanced with Terpenes

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Tropical Smoothie is an all natural, taste bud tantalizing medley of mouth watering fresh pineapples gently infused with just the right amount of tartness, compliments of fresh USDA organic raspberries. But wait, imagine now if you will… the slightest swirling sweetness of organically grown blueberries perfectly balanced with the naturally occurring hemp terpenes and there you have it! Tropical Smoothie is a VG based, CBD infused at 10mg/ml, work of organic flavor art that can be either vaporized (ejuice) or ingested ( Sublingual CBD tincture). Liquid Gold Tropical Kush is available for purchase both online and at a retail location near you.


Enjoy Liquid Gold CBD Vape Juice as needed for even distribution of CBD throughout your day
Can be added and mixed with your favorite e-liquids
No special settings or wattage requirements
Can be used in any vape device
**All Liquid Gold E ejuice products are certified diacetyl and propylene glycol (PG) free.

1 review for Tropical Smoothie Vape Juice enhanced with Terpenes

  1. Tannis Small

    Great Product I didnt expect it to have SO MUCH FLAVOR! Bottle was a fantastic size. It will last a LONG time. Definitely will order from this Company again. I’ve recommended this place to several of my friends.

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