Blueberry Dream Vape Juice enhanced with Terpenes

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Blueberry Dream can be described in one word… AMAZING!!!


Enjoy Liquid Gold  Vape Juice as needed for even distribution of hemp throughout your day
Can be added and mixed with your favorite e-liquids
No special settings or wattage requirements
Can be used in any vape device
**All Liquid Gold Ejuice products are certified diacetyl and propylene glycol (PG) free.
Blueberry Dream is a perfectly balanced concoction of the taste bud tantalizing sweetness of organic blueberry terpenes gently infused with the just the right amount of tangy, compliments of freshly picked strawberries. Tangy, sweet and of course, wrapped in a fluffy light cloud of creamy goodness steeped to perfection along side the naturally occurring hemp terpenes… and there you have it!
Blueberry dream is an Organic VG based, CBD infused [10mg/ml], work of organic flavor art that can be either vaporized (ejuice) or ingested ( Sublingual CBD tincture). Liquid Gold Blueberry Dream is available for purchase NOW, both online and at a retail location near you.

1 review for Blueberry Dream Vape Juice enhanced with Terpenes

  1. Jeff Kingsley

    This is my first try with any CBD product and I must say that I have noticed that my knee pain has subsided and my anxiety is lower than usual. Also, it really has a great blueberry flavour.

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