Nanoparticles CBD extraction process vs other methods

Consumers are not bothered about the medicinal properties of CBD as they are already aware of its brilliant health benefits. However, people are searching for the most efficient CBD. In the process, they fall prey to the mind-throbbing advertisements by unethical companies who sell trash in the name of CBD.

Do you know that the efficacy of cannabidiol majorly depends on the extraction process? Different extraction processes result in distinct CBD oils that may or may not have residues. Each extraction process has its advantages and setbacks. Users must learn about the significance of each extraction process and CBD oil types.

Experts and scientists suggest nano CBD is much better than other types of CBD extracts obtained through various methods. Learn more about the extraction methods and nano CBD before placing your next online order with Liquid gold CBD.

Solvent extraction processes

This extraction method involves solvents like ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl, and alcohol. Relatively, this is the fastest and cheapest option to extract CBD. However, the resulting extract will contain chemical residues. Isolating the solvents completely after the process may not be entirely possible. Some residues will stay in the extract.

The said chemical solvents are not ideal for consumption. Although many brands approve this extraction method as they can save money and increase the profits simultaneously.

Conclusion:Cheaper method, but not the purest.

CO2 extraction method

CO2 process doesn’t require any chemical solvents. It needs CO2 in the form of liquid to act as a solvent. In the end, the CO2 and the extract are isolated. The resulting CBD extract doesn’t contain any residues. So, you can rest assured that you can get the purest and high-concentrate extract through the CO2 process.

Conclusion: Pure and organic, but not the best.

CO2 extraction method combined with Nano-Bio prime technology

Many CBD brands advertise that the CO2 extraction process is the best method to obtain the purest CBD extract. It is valid to some extent. But the extract can’t be as efficient as the nano emulsified CBD oils.

Liquid gold CBD’s Nano bio prime technology is the contemporary solution to deliver the nutrients correctly. Our body may not absorb all the particles in the regular CBD oil. Approximately, most of the CBD particles tend to get wasted through the digestion process.

It happens because the esophagus can’t absorb bigger CBD particles. As a result, the only 1/10th of CBD that you consume reaches the circulation.

We at Liquid gold CBD use nano-Bio prime technology breaks the CBD particles to form nano CBD, which is 1/10th of the size of a regular CBD particle. As the size of the CBD particle become smaller, it becomes easier for your body to absorb it through the esophagus when you consume it.

Consequently, you can obtain 100% benefits of CBD. You will be consuming only less to reap more benefits. In the long term, you will be able to save a lot of money as you consume only less CBD oil.

Conclusion: The nano extraction method provides the purest CBD extract when compared with other extraction processes. Besides, Nano bio prime technology increases bioavailability. That way, users get to experience the most intense CBD effect with just a few drops of CBD oil. Such results are possible only with Nano bio prime technology.

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